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Monday, August 16, 2010


From last Sunday to yesterday I only showered once. Not a streak I am exactly proud of but here for some reason it doesn't seem like that big of a deal. The shower is outside and if you don't shower at the right time is very very cold. Other than that this past weekend was rather slow. Went shopping in Balti Friday afternoon and went to visit friends in Drochia all day Saturday. On Sunday I found an outdoor basketball court at the high school so I went and shot the ball during the afternoon and went running in the evening. Rather slow day but I was ok with it.

My birthday is this week and my site mate is moving here as well, so this is going to be a great week. Still trying to figure out exatly what we are going to do Saturday night celebration wise but we will nail it down this week. My host family is having a BBQ for me on Thur so Cate and make it and I will probally find something to do Wed. And thats about it, I am just learning the language and getting use to life here.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Computers in Russian

So I just spent 30 mins writing an entry and for some reason it didn't save. I tried to paste something into this post but I must have hit earse or something becuase it all disappeared. Trying to use a computer that is in Russian has its drawbacks especially when I don't know Russian. So lets see how good my memory is on what I just wrote....

I am settling into my new village. I have already had two sessions with my tutor and another one this afternoon, so that is coming along. Yesterday I got to run the office for a few hours and it was an experience. People kept pouring into the office asking me all types of questions (remember they don't speak English and I have the Romania skills of a pre schooler) which I tried to answer, the phone seemed like it didn't stop ringing (though I never answered it because what good would that do, I don't speak Romanian.), and then the copy machine broke. Normally fixing a copier is a pretty easy fix, you just read what it says is wrong and fix it. The catch is that everything is in Russian (cryllic alphabet) so I have no clue what is wrong. I check the usual things. It wasn't out of paper and there wasn't a paper jam, so I had no clue what was wrong. Finally a while later someone that knew Russian and what the problem was fixed it, I am still not sure what was the problem. I feel like I work at FedEx Kinkos right now. I monitor computers and make copies of birth certificates, IDs and other governmental documents. Though I really can't do much till I gain a better grasp on the language.

I am still getting use to the food here. I did not think it would be that big of a difference from Milestii Mici and here, but it is. I wish I had a scale because I am curious how much weight I have lost so far. I feel a lot lighter on my feet and look skinnier.

My birthday is now a week away and I am still not sure what I am going to do for it. Hopefully I can meet up with some people that weekend in a larger city. Speaking of a larger city, I need to go to the Metro (like a walmart in Moldova) and buy some things so help me settle in a little bit better. Mainly an electric water boiler, extension cord and some cups.

Last thing: I have now had at least 5 people come into my office thinking I was Moldovan and 2 of these know some English. These two later said to me in Engish with a suprised look on there face "oh you speak English?" HAHA. In Milestii Mici they knew I was an American from a mile away. I think I stick out like a sore thumb, but maybe that is changing. At least I hope it is.

*Yet again this is done from a computer in Russian so spell check says everything is wrong. So excuse the misspellings. I'm in the same boat as Matt; I don't write well.*

Monday, August 9, 2010

I love Google translator

Today is my first day of work aka scary. So far anything I want to say that is complex I just enter into Google translator then read it off to whomever I am speaking. With this much interaction hopefully I will grasp this language rather quickly.

I am not sure exactly what is expected of me in my new town but that is something that will come with time. I spent this past weekend mainly getting settled and resting. The past two weeks were very crazy for me. We had class, tech, dance practice/preperation for our going away party, preparing for the LPI (language profeciency interview) and preparing our project.

I spend most of my time studying Romanian, playing on the computer and just walking around. It is going to take me a few months to get use to this slower way of life. This village is a little bigger than my last one. No restaurants, a few stores but anything non basic I will need to go to Balti (the 2nd biggest city in Moldova), it is about 15 km away from my village, to buy things. Hopefully I will get to go this week because I need to go to the bank and do some shopping. I havent figured out the bus routines here yet but once again it is something that will come with time.

I start tutoring for real today at 2 so atleast it is a set in the right direction. I spent last night defining and rewriting verbs; I will worry about conjugating them later.

*I wrote this on another computer so spell check said everything was spelled wrong because it wasn't in Russian. So please excuse any (aka a lot of) mispelling.*

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Real PC

I got sworn in yesterday morning in Chisinau so I am officially a PC volunteer. We spent the afternoon in info sessions and negotiating contracts then I was off to my permanent site. A little over 2 hour car ride later and I was home.

This is where the real PC experience begins. We were spoiled in our training site; short bus ride to Chisinau, living with 14 other Americans in your village, and having a defined schedule. All of that is gone. The closet American is 15-20 km away which isn't that far if we could drive but there will be one in my village starting the 18th. Problems I never had to deal with at training site are now real problems: speaking the language, loneliness, and being far from the capital. Relearning bus schedules, getting to know my new community and making new friends will take priority the next few months as I better learn the language and better understand the needs of the community.

Now is the time when things get real. I start work Monday and still don't have the greatest grasp of the language. My understanding is getting much better yet my speaking ability hasn't improved much. All of this will come with time.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Milestii Mici

Last time I tried to post something I lost my internet connection so hopefully this time I dont lose it.

So we are wrapping up week 2 of PST (Pre Service Training). We go to Romanian class 6 days a week from 8:30 am to 1 pm. From 2-5 pm we have Tech training some days and others we have free time. Until week 3 we cannot leave the village on our own, but after that I am sure I will be traveling to the other sites to visit the other M25s.

Tomorrow we head to Chisinau with our mentors. They are going to show us the sights and bring us to market. Then next Sat June 3rd we are going to the 4th of July Party. Supposedly this is a huge party and is extremely fun, so I am ready for that.

Time has been moving by very fast of late. Our days for the most part are jam packed with things to do and things always pop up. The weather has cooled off a lot. The last few days it has been in the 40s and 50s. Today it is in the 60s. The rain has stopped and tomorrow is suppose to be a beautiful day.

Tonight we are going to a bar in our village the shows the World Cup games on a projection screen. I have watched a few games there and we are friends with the local crowd there.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


It has been a bizarre, emotional, exciting, exhausting and hot past week. Though the last few days it has cooled down. I am finally here in Milestii Mici Moldova. I will be here till the 1st or 2nd week of August then on to my permanent site. There are 16 ARBD volunteers and we have become a very close bunch.

I wrote that 1st paragraph a week or so ago. Since we have lost a volunteer and are now down to 15. We have an amazing group of volunteers here in Moldova. I am very fortunate to be here. From this point on I am going to try and do a better job keeping up with my blog. Hopefully I can

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The First Week

This one will be short. I moved in with my host family in Milestii Mici on Sat. This was a scary experience at first but I have settled in. The first few days and nights were extremely hot and I was severely dehydrated but last night was very cool and so was today. I am hoping tonight will be the same. I finally got my skype working so that is awesome. Today online has been crazy so hopefully tomorrow I will be able to put together a longer post. Sorry